Windigen Consulting offers a refreshed view and second wind to your professional and personal life through training, writing and leisure coaching.

Windigen Consulting provides presentations, workshops and seminars on the following subjects:

  • Four Generations in the Workplace and Beyond 
  • Generational Communication Strategies
  • Customer Service for Public Service and Non-Profits
  • Aquatics Professional Development

Second Wind Leisure: Leisure Coaching 

Second Wind Leisure provides leisure education and support through a variety of options. Group classes or one-on-one coaching are available. Specializing in newly retired clients and those considering retirement within one year.

Freelance Writing and Blogging Services

A variety of writing services are offered, including blog posts, articles, web content and newsletters. Please click above or visit my Contact Me page.

Please visit each page for specific information.


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“Windigen” is the German word for “windy.”