Second Wind Leisure provides leisure education and support through a variety of options.

As your leisure coach, let me help you find your second wind in your search for meaningful leisure, whether you are new to the area, newly retired, or a wounded warrior who has returned from serving your country.

Group classes or one-on-one coaching are also available.

Are You New to the Sacramento Area?

If you have moved to Sacramento and are looking for recreation and leisure activities, let me help you find them!

Sacramento has a large number of community park and recreation districts and knowing which one is in your area can be a challenge. There are a huge variety of leisure opportunities for participation as well as wonderful places to visit within short driving distance of the Sacramento area.

For Those Contemplating Retirement or are Newly Retired


original image by Kimberly Glaster. Used by permission.

Are you contemplating retirement? Baby Boomers are retiring at rapid rates. We all are concerned with our finances, but we need to consider leisure planning in this equation.

At first glance, planning for leisure may seem unnecessary.

After all, people engage in leisure activities their entire lives. Shouldn’t they know how to use their leisure time?

With leisure coaching, I can help you focus on your future leisure time needs, whether it is to try a new hobby, look into volunteering, or answer questions you may have.

For Those Looking for Re-invention

At midlife, many folks use this time to re-invent themselves, even they have not retired. Sometimes just exploring new leisure experiences can spark a new lease on your life.

For Our Wounded Warriors

Veterans of military service often return home injured in body, mind and spirit after serving our country.wounded-warriors

Nothing prepares you for the extra time you may find on your hands.

Often times, the leisure activities you enjoyed are now distant memories because of a physical injury that prevents you from enjoying a particular activity.

Please contact me so I can create a customized leisure plan for you at a reasonable rate.