Leisure Education and Coaching

“Man does not cease to play because he grows old; man grows old because he ceases to play.” George Bernard Shaw

Second Wind Leisure offers services in the form of coaching, support, and encouragement to help you identify your leisure opportunities. 

Have you dreamed of taking that cooking class, learning how to ballroom dance, or just trying out a new hobby? Have you wanted to join a new club or local sports team but don’t know where to begin?

Oftentimes, we have great intentions to start something new, but lack the time, motivation or resources to explore all the options.

What is leisure? Isn’t leisure just playing outside or playing a sport? The answer is…yes…and no!

LEISURE has endless definitions, which includes free time from obligations, spare time to engage in enjoyable activities, time off from work, and even rest and relaxation.

Play, recreation, and leisure experiences are important aspects of human existence.

Leisure Coaching is a process by which purposeful interaction between a leisure professional and a client illuminates the client’s leisure options. This is accomplished by using leisure education tools and assessments.

Leisure Education is a developmental process that provides a comprehensive approach to facilitating leisure experiences by:

  • identifying barriers to leisure participation,
  • recognizing benefits and outcomes, and
  • providing information and opportunities by constructing attitudes and skills for a fulfilling leisure lifestyle.

Goals of Leisure Coaching 

  • To gain a basic understanding of leisure and recreation.
  • To understand how time management and leisure concepts apply to your life.

Coaching services include:

Three one-on-one sessions for individuals
Two Assessments
Personalized leisure plan
E-mail support during and after sessions

Coaching services for couples, families, and groups can be arranged.

As your leisure coach, let me help you find your second wind in your search for meaningful leisure.

Through this coaching process, together we can determine your new passions, your dreams and perhaps, your hidden talents and skills you didn’t know you had!

In our busy world, I encourage you to use your leisure time wisely. Invest in the well-being for yourself and/or your family.

Please contact me to start your customized leisure plan at reasonable rates.